This is a profound and sacred opportunity for girls/and

non-binary children to have fun, learn about the divine feminine, and connect deeply to their wild and wonderful selves while being

held in a village of sisterhood.  

It is a splendid time for mothers, aunties, grandmothers, fathers and friends to witness these

young beings as they are starting their beautiful journeys onto their paths of self discovery. 


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Meet and Greet 10-11:30
   Jan. 22, 2022
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Nico at 

Our Offerings


Moon Sisters Gatherings  


Once a month on Saturday: 

Feb., March, April, May  from 10:00:300 pm.

Moon Parties-

A personalized ritual and party with your daughter in mind.

Kindred Spirits Sleep over


MODA Summer campout

July TBA


Circles for children

held once  a month on Saturday, 10-3pm

Join us for our

Feb. 12, March 19, April 30,  and May 21 , gatherings  in Sonoma County, location will be given upon registration.

 5-7  yr. olds   Crystals

 8-10  yr. olds   Emeralds

 11-13 yr. olds  Rubies

Moon Sisters
MODA summer camp

All are invited this summer even if you do not have a daughter.  We truly want all women to join us on this special night.  Our curriculum will be a bit more relaxed during this camp out, and we will have plenty of planned activites too. It is just a special time for us to be together to slow down and get to know each other and the land.



Our community of mentors 

have a diversity of experience 

with  plenty of wisdom to share!


Come and join our unique,

heart-centered guides for this deep profound journey!

We gather together to:

  • Do Earth skilling

  • Wander outside in nature

  • Sit across from each other in a circle and witness each of us speak from our hearts

  • Learn about plant identification and medicine making

  • Participate in ceremonies

  • Have a Rite of Passage (when they're personally ready) for the 11-14 year olds

  • Sing, play games, listen, ask questions, laugh with, elders, parents and their children

  • Honor this land, self, and all living beings