Together as a community we are exploring what it means to be a young person in these times. We offer a Rites of Passage program for children even if they do not identify with a particular gender. The children began working with the mentors at the age of six and continue building a relationship with them and our community to the age of thirteen. With the young ones we are in no hurry to have them grow up so we make sure and have plenty of space for exploration, fun and playing.  As the children grow so does the content of what we are working towards. We encourage continuing connections after the children leave our program.


The eleven-thirteen year olds are witnessed in a week long Rites of Passage ceremony where they courageously and consciously cross over a threshold into becoming more fully self-empowered beings! These children are making sure to pay attention and honor their transition from a child to becoming young resilient adults. They do not do this alone, they are joined by elders, their parents, friends and the greater community that supports them in this bold, important work. The Rites of passage work is seasonally based and grounded in nature and its woven throughout all our Moon Sister programs while being age appropriate for each group. It runs all year with on-going once a month gatherings, workshops, ceremonies and camps.

The girls/others will gain social and personal tools that support them in becoming fully expressed, healthy people with gifts to share with the world. By identifying and celebrating their unique voice, they will build confidence, self worth, work with vulnerability, deepen their relations and be part of a community that honors them as they are. We understand that it takes a village to raise a well rounded and healthy person. We would be honored if you and your child would like to journey with us.

At Wild Wisdom we focus on:

  • Love, reverence and freedom 

  • Finding our worthiness

  • Cooperative-solution based thinking

  • Self-responsibility, inner resilience

  • Transparency while processing

  • The value of sisterhood and brotherhood

  • Harvesting our diverse-unique gifts

  • Connecting clearly with our emotions and caring how we feel

  • Appreciating the fun we have together

  • Witnessing the sacredness in us, and all life, gratitude practices

  • Having a safe space and support for parents to work alongside their children

  • Mindfully using our words to inspire, motivate and enliven

  • Sensing our self-empowerment, leadership practices

  • Ecological stewardship


We gather together to:

  • Do Earth skilling

  • Wander outside in nature

  • Sit across from each other in a circle and witness each of us speak from our hearts

  • Learn about plant identification and medicine making

  • Participate in ceremonies

  • Have a Rite of Passage (when they're personally ready) for the 11-12 year olds

  • Sing, play games, listen, ask questions, laugh with, elders, parents and their children

  • Honor this land, self, and all living beings