Nico Rease Founder/Director/Mentor of Wild Wisdom Ways
Nico is a proud mother who is grateful and inspired about her soulful work with mothers and daughters. She is able to provide various opportunities for children to have unique experiences in the transitions of coming of age. For the children along with their mothers/others she provides a playful yet meaningful space for them to bond even deeper through: ceremonies, sacred and gratitude practices, earth skills, all the while honoring self, each other and the earth. She supports mothers through her Sacred Motherhood retreats.


She weaves in a variety of valuable perspectives from her Masters in Consciousness, eco-therapist skills, her deep nature work from Regenerative Design and Nature Connection, along with her Waldorf Kindergarten teaching, Reiki Master, her  past local community jobs as a nanny, and her credentialed teacher experiences.  


Nico can be found swimming in the fresh, hot springs or salt waters, hiking up a steep mountain, playing with children at the local parks, singing her heart out, gathering with other sisters in ceremony, hugging the trees, also organizing  another incredible Moon Sisters gathering through her program Wild Wisdom. 

Megan Renshaw/ Mentor

Megan is a believer in the beauty and love we hold in our hearts. With this love she wants to support the weaving of a spiritual community of strong women and daughters that help to lift each other up and grow together in sweet sisterhood. 

Megan studied English Literature, Conservation and Forestry at UC Berkeley and is currently working towards becoming a Credentialed Waldorf teacher at Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training. She is an aftercare teacher at Marin Waldorf School and enjoys spending time nurturing young children.

She loves hiking with her kids, going to the beach, singing around a campfire, watching birds dance around the sky, and painting when she has a free moment.

Megan is over the moon about working as a mentor with Wild Wisdom. She is looking forward to time spent in community with like-minded women while connecting the daughters to Mother Earth and the divine feminine that lies within.

Lindsey Whited / Visiting Mentor

Lindsey is passionate about connecting youth with the natural world so they can awaken to the deeper knowing that all beings are part of the sacred web of life.Through her own journey of remembering and healing from her challenges as an adolescent, she is called to help create a culture of empowered and self loving young girls who create positive change in the world.
   Lindsey was born and raised in Ohio and received her BA in Communications from the University of Akron. She moved to San Francisco 6 years ago and started working with youth of all ages in public schools, homeless shelters and urban farms as a garden and nutrition educator. She has pursued professional trainings through the Urban Permaculture Institute, Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, Art of Mentoring, and the Ecology of Leadership. She recently completed a year and a half long adulthood women's initiation process where she delved into deep self discovery and healing through ceremony, ritual and vision quest.  

Lindsey hosted her first girls day camp in Sebastopol in July of 2015 under the name Wild Star Sisters and has been working with Wild Wisdom since January of 2016. She also works as a behavioral tutor for autistic and intellectually disabled youth.
​Lindsey weaves mind and body practices into her daily life with meditation, yoga, dance, singing and ceremony. She enjoys connecting with the earth through gardening, herbal medicine making, wild crafting and primitive skills.
She is so very grateful to have the opportunity to share her gifts with the this community as well as learn and grow in her service.