Nico Rease Founder/Director/Mentor of Wild Wisdom Ways
Nico is a proud mother who is grateful and inspired about her soulful work with mothers and daughters. She is able to provide various opportunities for children to have unique experiences in the transitions of coming of age. For the children along with their mothers/others she provides a playful yet meaningful space for them to bond even deeper through: ceremonies, sacred and gratitude practices, earth skills, all the while honoring self, each other and the earth. She supports mothers through her Sacred Motherhood retreats.


She weaves in a variety of valuable perspectives from her Masters in Consciousness,Rites of Passage training from Earth Path Education, eco-therapist skills, her deep nature work from Regenerative Design and Nature Connection, along with her Waldorf Kindergarten teaching, Reiki Master, her  past local community jobs as a nanny, and her credentialed teacher experiences.  


Nico can be found swimming in the fresh, hot springs or salt waters, hiking up a steep mountain, playing with children at the local parks, singing her heart out, gathering with other sisters in ceremony, hugging the trees, also organizing  another incredible Moon Sisters gathering through her program Wild Wisdom. 

Arika Schumacher/mentor 

Arika was born in North Platte, Nebraska and currently she lives in Sonoma County and has been here for the last 16 years.  She is highly interested in the human heart space. One of her many goals is to expand her horizons while gaining a deeper sense of connection with people and the earth. She wants to cultivate dreams of what this world could become with more love. She envisions opening a nature based school for children and families one day, a place that can incorporate bits and pieces of all of the studies she has learned through out the years. She is excited to bring her heart, listening ears, music, dance, food, art to this program and to help support these lovely young women during this transformative and sacred time in their individual life’s journey.  


She currently works at Summerfield Waldorf School as an aftercare teacher and she has an Early Childhood Lifeways Teacher Training certificate. She has done: summer camps,  studied shamanism with Lisa Rafal, received a Personal Chef Certification at Bauman College, been a chef,  acquired a Permaculture Design Certification, as well as a Certification in KIVo (Kinetic Voice and movement), she has attended Naropa University in Boulder Colorado, double majoring in Psychology and Visual Arts. She also studied numerous healing arts modalities like Meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong,Vinyasa yoga.