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A Coming of Age Moon Sister Circle

for girls ages 6-11

Moon Beams ages    6-7              

Moon Pixies ages     7-9            

Moon Maidens ages  10-12           




note: Since we are still growing as a program we will be having the Pixies and the Moon Beams combined together. We will only take children up to 11 years old because we feel we need a year to bond with them before they do their week long rites of passage ceremony with us.  When we have fuller groups we can have more mentors and divide them up for part of the time.  We also are not taking older Moon Maidens right (soon as we grow) at this time in less we have 8 or more ready to sign up. We are aiming for 2019.


Our Program offers:


●  Nature Adventures & Games

●  Ancestral Crafts & Seasonal Ceremonies

●  Wild Plant Walks & Identification

●  Medicine Making & Holistic Education

●  Communication Skills

●  Whole Foods Preparation

●  Self Care Ritual

●  Embodiment Practices

●  Sit Spot Meditation

●  Council Circle, Storytelling, Singing, Sisterhood and FUN!


Girls/others will gain social and personal tools that support them in becoming fully expressed, healthy people with gifts to share with the world. By identifying and celebrating their unique voice, they will build confidence and self worth, work with vulnerability, deepen their relations and be part of a community that honors them as they are. We understand that it takes a village to raise a well rounded and healthy person. We would be honored if you and your child would like to journey with us.



   Moon Sisters 

We gather 3 times

 once a month on Sunday in Sebastopol

11:00 am.-4:00 pm.

March 24, April 28, and May 19

The girls get dropped off at 11:00

to be with mentors

Mothers/others arrive to join in at 2:30-4:00!