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Wild Wisdom Forms and Payment options

Welcome we are thrilled and honored to be working with your family on this amazing journey!


To get started, please download all two required forms, (medical and liability release pages) fill those out and bring to them to the first gathering. Then fill out the registration page via this website online. Click on the form page it might look blank as it downloads a copy to your computer. Click on your download page, print and  fill it out. You must have all two forms filled out and with you in order to attend to the first day of the gathering, this is for the safety of your child and yourself. 


Next step is to find the level of payment that works best for your budget, then click on it and pay, after that you are all set. 

Note: We do require a one time supply fee of  $15.00 per the 3 gatherings, due on the first gathering.


Thank you kindly!


 Required Forms 


Payment options

We realize that every family has different income levels. We want all families to have access to Wild Wisdom  programs so we created three different levels of payments. Choose what best suits your family needs. We have one cost for parent and child.

In addition everyone pays a one time $15.00 supply fee on the first gathering.



                                                    Level one is $85 per month which adds up to $255 for 3                                                                                                                       gatherings and  this cost covers our basic operational cost to run our programs. 



                                                    Level two is $100.00 per month which adds up to $300.00 for 3                                                                                                               gatherings and this cost covers our basic operational cost and a                                                                                                             little bit more money for supplies.                  


                                                   Level three is $110.00 per month which adds up to $340.00 which                                                                                                          covers our operational cost and adds a bit for others who can only                                                                                                          pay at level one or two.



                                                  The sibling discount cost is a $340.00 total for the 3 months and                                                                                                             that includes both parents and 2 children. This cost covers our                                                                                                                 basic minimum. 


Monthly Payment Plan You are welcome to pay monthly, all we ask is that you pay for the first gathering and bring 3 post dated       signed checks for the future gatherings. In this way of securing your payments with us ahead of time we can plan and hold a space for your child and you each gathering! Make checks payable to Nico Rease.


                                                 Sponsorship/scholarship payments we have some families who would love to attend Wild Wisdom and it is just not in their budget.  If  you can help out please sponsor a family and let us know who you would like to support and we will notify them.  Or you can also just donate a  scholarship for an unknown. Blessings! 


Please know that we have  a variety of payment options available, please contact Nico to make arrangements if you have special circumstances.


Thank for singing up with us and we look forward to getting to know your family! If you have any questions, please email us at